E C O - L E A R N



Full Online Training Courses

Build the skills, knowledge and mindsets that are required to take an active part in sustainability strategies of a company.

Total of 10-12 hours of training, broken into 15 minute modules

Entirely online, with a mix of flexible learning at your own pace and scheduled live webinars

Certification available

The Skills-Based Training Programs are for you if:

  • You are a business expert involved in the definition and implementation of a sustainability strategy
  • You want to know the concrete steps, actions, and tools to take towards defining and deploying sustainability strategies in your company
  • You are looking for an in-depth training on sustainability that is catered to the needs of busy professionals 

You'll walk away with:

  1. The confidence to argue for the sustainable business case and its relevance to your company
  2. An empowering wealth of the most up to date knowledge on the major players and resources involved in sustainability that you can then look further into
  3. A toolbox of skills that will allow you to take action in your company as you learn
  4. Takeaway documents that summarize each lesson of the course and provides links to frameworks, articles & videos referenced in the program

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The Fundamentals of Corporate Sustainability

This course provides insight into the major sustainability challenges, topics and solutions for a comprehensive training on general sustainability for companies.

Towards A Sustainable Business Model

This program is intended for CEOs, board members and administrators to take an honest look at how to consider the core of the company – the business model – through a sustainability lens.
***Note: This program is shorter than others in this category and is about 3 hours.***

ICT for Sustainability

This program provides insight into the sustainability risks of Information and Communications Technologies as well as how ICT can be used as a positive lever to solve sustainability challenges.

Sustainable Entrepreneurship

***Coming soon in 2021***

Decarbonizing the Company

***Coming soon in 2021***

Sustainable Purchasing

***Coming soon in 2021***

Sustainable Metrics & Finance

***Coming soon in 2021***

Sustainable Marketing

***Coming soon in 2021***

Sustainable Engineering

***Coming soon in 2021***

Sustainable SMEs

***Coming soon in 2021***