E C O - L E A R N

"Non-sustainable" companies need help transitioning to "sustainable"

Left and right, there is talk about greener energy, recyclable materials, circular economy, net-zero commitments, and the list goes on.

Investors and the financial industry are pushing for ESG criteria, customers are increasingly asking for more sustainable products, governments are putting in place regulations to limit emissions and waste, and fast-growing startups built on the foundation of sustainability are competing more and more with traditional companies.

What companies are facing now is pressure to know what this all means and to do something about it.

But how?

How does a non-sustainable company transform everything to keep up with the times and challenges of this century?

This is where Eco-Learn comes in.


Eco-Learn is a growing EdTech company specializing in the sustainable transformation of businesses. Its trainings provide business professionals with the keys to understanding the sustainability issues they face, analyzing the consequences on the business model at all levels, and enabling them to take action within their companies to transform the company towards a sustainable model.

Our mission is to develop the skills of economic players so that they can establish within companies the sustainability and societal commitment approaches most likely to promote growth in line with the Sustainable Development Goals.


The Eco-Learn team has a mix of academic and business sustainability leaders who bring years of expertise to the company and its training programs.

Arnaud Herrmann


Arnaud Herrmann has devoted his entire career to CSR. First as a consultant at EY for 10 years; then for the last six years at the head of the CSR Department of the Accor Group, reporting to the CEO. He regularly speaks at HEC Paris, CentraleSupelec and Sciences-Po on the implementation of a sustainable development approach in companies.

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Patrick d’Humières


After years spent building CSR in corporate management, consulting and international organizations, Patrick d’Humières is now a professor at Sciences-Po and CentraleSupelec Exed in “sustainable business models”. Founder of the Académie Durable Internationale (International Sustainability Academy), and a regular speaker at conferences for the general public on CSR, he is also the author of books such as “The political nature of the entrepreneur”, “Sustainable development will he kill the capitalism?

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Pierre Montel


Pierre Montel is an entrepreneur and HEC Paris graduate who specializes in the development of training to gain “21st century skills”. He brings to Eco-Learn all of his expertise on the use of digital tools that allow the key skills of sustainable management to be acquired.

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Eco-Learn relies on a vast and solid network of partners with recognized expertise.