E C O - L E A R N



Online Short Courses

Get high-level knowledge on pertinent sustainability topics to enhance your understanding of the world as it is and how business can drive change for the better.

Total of 1-2 hours of training, broken into 15 minute modules

Entirely online, allowing for flexible learning at your own pace

The DISCOVERY Training Programs are for you if:

  • You are an employee, manager or executive with a goal to be aware of sustainability issues and solutions to accelerate your involvement in the process of your company’s sustainability strategies
  • You want to learn why sustainability topics are important for your company
  • You are looking for the global frameworks and key principles on the topic that you need to know about

You'll walk away with:

  1. The confidence to discuss the sustainability topic in question with colleagues
  2. An empowering wealth of knowledge on the major players and resources involved in sustainability that you can then look further into
  3. A takeaway document that summarizes the course and provides links to frameworks, articles & videos referenced in the course

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Sustainable Manager

This course is an overview of sustainability and how each employee and manager of a company can be involved in the process.

Discovering Climate Strategies

The climate is changing, and so are companies. This course provides an understanding of climate change and how businesses are mitigating its effects.

Discover Sustainable Finance & Reporting

***Coming soon in 2021***

Discover Sustainable Marketing

***Coming soon in 2021***

Discover Sustainable Engineering

***Coming soon in 2021***